The Lodge bulletin which, in accordance with Masonic practice we call our Laurel Wreath Lodge Trestleboard was first produced by Past Master W. Everett Marton in 1933 is issued and sent monthly. A complete set for that year is shown in our display case in the Lodge anteroom. Since that time the sitting Master has used this means to give brethren notice of meetings, plans and degree work. Trestleboards were sent bimonthly through year 1964 but in 1965 went to a monthly publication excluding July and August.

A collection of trestleboards has thus become a useful historical resource and the Lodge Librarian is fortunate in having assembled a set starting with Past Master Marton's for the year 1933, intermittently to 1959 and complete and unbroken to the date of this writing.

The year 1965 also marked the end of territorial jurisdiction in Maryland. Also the restriction against printing the names, addresses and occupations of petitioners was removed.

As of June 2014, the trestleboard is available for download to lodge members. Since the lodge's trestleboard contains private information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, they may only be downloaded by members and a password must be used. The current password will be in the physical copy of the trestleboard mailed to members, as well as the PDF sent out to members who wish to receive their trestleboard via email.

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