History of Laurel Wreath Lodge No. 149


While Laurel Wreath Lodge has not seen any of its members elevated to the office of Grand Master, it has served the Grand Lodge of Maryland creditably in a number of other capacities. Of our Past Masters, David M. Fisher, Sr., was Junior Grand Warden in 1903 and LePage Cronmiller Senior Grand Warden in 1923. More recently Past Master G. Glenn Beall was appointed Junior Grand Steward in 1969, Past Master James F. Morse was appointed Senior Grand Deacon in 1971, Past Master Russell Lowery Jones was appointed Senior Grand Deacon in 1978 and Past Master Thomas E. Weir was appointed Grand Chaplain from 1985 thru 1988.

A number of our members have served as Grand Inspectors: Brothers D.B. McLeod, Charles H. Stanley, Sr., D.M. Fisher, Sr., James P. Curley, LePage Cronmiller, L.C. Donaldson, Edward W. Whitman, Roland B. Sweitzer, Frank D. Bush, Robert A. Hughes and at present Ritchie Seigel and Clifford A. Stevens. Also after some 19 years as Grand Inspector, Brother Beall was Vice President of the Board of Grand Inspectors from 1967 thru 1978 and President in 1979 for the state area. In addition, Past Master Russell L. Jones was Deputy Grand Lecturer for this district from 1982 thru 1986. This is truly a significant contribution to the Grand Lodge.