History of Laurel Wreath Lodge No. 149


Our Masonic credo is that Freemasonry should be open to good men of all faiths founded upon belief in an omnipotent Supreme Being regardless of particular religious creed. In this respect we welcome ministers of the gospel along with devout laymen and have been blessed by having men of the cloth as members since the Lodge's earliest days. In 1869 we received the Reverend James A. Young, in 1870 the Reverends Luther Brashears, William E. Bird and C.H. Mytinger, in 1884 the Reverend James Nichols, in 1894 the Reverends L.A. Thirkeld and Howard F. Downs and in 1895 the Reverend John R. Fizer.

Ministerial additions to the Lodge roster continued. In 1911 the Reverends Doctors Richard C. Harley, Thomas Watts Byerly and William Franklin Taylor, in 1912 the Reverend John H. Jeffries, in 1921 Reverends Raymond Solt Hittinger and Charles D. Parker, in 1926 Reverend Carlos Dunegan, in 1941 Reverend Harvey E. Whitcomb, in 1951 Reverend William A. Schafer and more recently in 1963 Reverend Charles Sraver. At present we have with us Reverend Thomas E. Weir, Past Master who served from 1985 thru 1988 as Maryland Grand Chaplain. Brethren, by these men we have been honored and blessed.